February 22, 2020

Auto Advice Insurance Assessor May Have Given You

It is not so much the fact that perhaps you ignored what the insurance assessor tried to tell you. It is just that perhaps you did not understand a word he was telling you. Perhaps he was just a little too technical for his own good. This might be ironic because there’s been many an accomplished auto assessor that had a good grounding in an auto service center hackensack nj workshop back in the day.

Perhaps it is also true that the auto assessor is simply following the protocols laid down by the insurance company he either works for or represents. This is grossly unfair because the assessor is more inclined to follow his client’s ear rather than the consumer’s heart. An auto service center might well have other ideas. Expect the auto mechanics to be up to date with all repair and maintenance techniques.

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After all, they are at the coalface each and every day. The assessor is a talker. But the auto repairman is a doer. You know what they say. Actions speak louder than words. Be that as it may. The best motor insurance assessors out there, representing the best motor car insurance gigs in town will always be directing the traffic to the best auto service centers in town. But let there be no vested interests.

Consumers do well to consult with independent agencies who are both unbiased and objective when meting out qualified advice. But let the auto service center get a word in. The sales clerk at the front desk might just surprise you. Because if the retail-oriented workshop is indeed service-oriented, you could be enjoying a few extra add-ons such as a truly pro auto cleaning workout. Inside and out.

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