December 4, 2020

Why Should You Consider Dental Implants?

There are a lot of different dental procedures that we can look into with our level of technology.  Dentists now have the ability to 3D print new teeth, have teeth constructed that are almost a perfect match for regular teeth and they can all do it in a few hours.  For many people looking into fixing their teeth, dental implant in Rochester and why implants are needed is a top question that we will answer today.

Fix our smile and appearance

The first reason that people will decide to get implants is because they need to fix a smile or appearance.  As we age, our teeth will take a lot of punishment.  Years of eating, drinking, smoking and taking medications will take their toll on our teeth.  Also, poor dental care will also accelerate your tooth decay.

dental implant in Rochester

Quick solution

For many, getting their teeth fixed is a major priority.  When they look at themselves in the mirror and see that they have issues with their smile, teeth or overall look, they tend to start to have lower self-esteem.  When talking to their dentists about getting implants, they can see that it is a quick solution that can be implemented in a few weeks. 

Ability to eat

One of the most overlooked but basic function of our teeth is our ability to eat.  Chewing food such as meat, vegetables and even bread can be painful and even dangerous if we don’t have teeth.  When we chew our food we are starting the digestion process.  Our teeth start to grind up the food that we consume and our saliva starts a chain reaction that starts to break the food down for digestion. 

If we don’t have teeth, we are not able to really break up the foods that we eat and start the digestion process.  As a result, the food enters our stomach in its full capacity and starts to break down in our stomach.  This can take a long time and not be as effective resulting in under digested food and even other health issues.

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